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Alfonso Gravalos

  • Alfonso Gravalos
    With more than thirty years of performance in the corporative world always in multinationals, he developed his career mainly in the Industrial areas, Quality and Project Management, having worked as Director for more than ten years.

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About Us

Who are we, or Why did AGX Appear?

There is a long time in the competitive world that Quality is not considered a differential anymore. Quality today is a survival subject.

All companies that have a long life vision needs to have in their management culture, Lean Manufacturing and Projects Management.

These items must be in place independent of the market, size, nationality, etc. 

Due to many reasons that doesn't come to the case, many companies when applying Lean Manufacturing or, for instance "ZERO Defect “programs, ending in allocating too much resources in these projects, establishing a heavy administration, not motivating and sometimes  inefficient. 

When most of the people that works in these programs are not able to visualize added value trough their own work, what is a most modern management technique became in an “energy thief” and these management techniques are seem in many situations  as just another document to be filled out. 

AGX appeared due to the need of implementing these techniques in an efficient way, focusing energies and resources in essential activities with the objective to add value to the processes. 

Our objective is to help our customers to increase their profitability through the most modern tools of Lean, World Class Manufacturing and Quality Management in a practical way and without excess of documents.  

The people are key in results achievement in any organization. Once they are able to identify the advantage in applying these management tools, the gains that the companies where they work can have, also their customers and their suppliers applying Lean Techniques, they start to incorporate them in their routines on daily bases. Their job becomes lighter, they can see evolution in their performance and the corporations arrive in a win/win spiral growth implemented in their culture, which is good for everyone.

AGX appeared to aid our customers with these tools and methodologies. 

We are able to run Industrial diagnoses, implementation plans for several techniques, trainings, support and coaching for professionals, etc.

We have a personalized way of working, always adapting the methodologies to the culture and our customers' readiness. 

This is AGX, your best partner in management.


Our mission is to improve our customers' results in industrial operation and quality through projects focused in their organizational culture and people, through the application of the most updated in Lean Manufacturing and Quality Management.

We always work in order to add value to the processes through a practical form and without bureaucracy.

We want to be partners besides suppliers, through a performance focused in our customers' needs, based in the most modern techniques of industrial administration and never leaving aside the human being.

We look for excellence in all aspects in our actuations' areas.


We want to be our customers' best partner in our working areas and also to be recognized by our quality. Through our jobs we want to add value and knowledge to the people's life. We are not only focused in the technical performance, but we also want to develop a complete cycle providing improvement in the life’s quality of everybody that interacts with us.


The human being is our main value.

Respect and ethics are fundamentals and they are present in all our activities.

Confidentiality, respect and focus in the customer.


Our slogan:

“There is nothing so good that cannot be improved."